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Effectiveness forecast
Calculate your investment in the ad channel and get a forecast for possible coverage and traffic
Tips for Youtube
Dont chase after the number of subscribers. The more important metric - the average number of views of one video. This is exactly what the ad has a chance to get.
Top bloggers are not necessarily the most effective ones. Opinions of ordinary users are sometimes trusted more than celebrities.
Always analyze the adequacy and tone of comments under the video - this is your potential target audience.
Any link in the goo.gl format has an open statistics and its possible to see the average CTR statistics for the channel.
Dont be lazy to check if the channel has a spike in of views on different videos. It often happens that the channel has 1-2 videos and declares that this is the number of views that will be picked up by a video with your advertisement.
Tips for Instagram
When choosing an account for the publication of advertising, pay attention to the comments to the posts. Often bloggers use bloggers who, in addition to the likes, also get comments: "Wow, cool photo", "beauty", "awesome" etc.
Cheated accounts can easily be identified by looking at their first publications. If the first post immediately got 500-1000 likes, they are likely to be cheated.
Pay attention to the correlation of likes to subscribers. On the average, at least 10% of the total number of subscribers should like the publications. If this number is less - most likely subscribers are cheated.
The best time for posting - evening and morning.
Tips for Telegram
Dont forget to adapt your website to the mobile - 90% of the traffic comes from a mobile application
Any link of the goo.gl type has an open statistics, so you can see the average CTR on the channel.
Dont count subscribers, check the posts views instead.
The best timing for telegram posting is 12 p.m and 4 p.m.
Tips for Twitter
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How much money you ready to spend for influencers promos
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