To begin with, you need to decide what goals you are pursuing and based on this choose for yourself a conditional “role” on the website:

  1.    Be an advertiser (customer) who buys ads from bloggers;
  2.    Or a blogger (executor) who sells it.

The switch of these modes becomes available after registration or authorization in the upper left corner of the following website

If you are a blogger

If you are a blogger, the first thing you need to do is to add your ad platforms into our system, because the advertisers will search for them specifically and they will be displayed in the search results.

And yes, if you are a blogger and you want to promote your channel, then you can switch to the “Advertiser” mode and also search for bloggers to advertise your channel.

We advise you to become acquainted with other materials that will help you getting more comfortable in the system. For example: How to get started for a blogger: 3 simple steps.

If you are an advertiser

Find executors yourself. Use the “BLOGGERS SEARCH” function and with the help of the search and filters you can search for bloggers and offer them your task. If the bloggers are interested in it, they will respond in the chat of the transaction

To your full order, our help center, online chat and support service are available – we are always happy to help you and answer your questions or suggestions.

P.S. Before you forgot – please check again your contact email (can be found in the “Profile Settings” section) – because with the help of it you will be able to receive all notifications about new applications or responses to advertising tasks.

We wish you a successful work!

Hello! At the very beginning, we (Epicstars service team) would like to thank you for choosing our website as a partner for earnings via social networks. We hope that the ad offers that come to you will please you and become an additional source of motivation for the production of your content.

And now let’s get to the point! So, where to start working in the system? Below you will find three simple steps that will help you to quickly get acquainted with our system after registration.

Step # 1. Add Platforms

The main thing around what everything is spinning around in our service – of course, it’s you and your ad platform. In order for advertisers to find you in the database of executors, you need to add your platform to our system.

To do this, just go to the “My Platforms” => “Add a platform“, select the social network where your account is located and click on its name.

In the pop-up window, select the desired social network and authorize on it to add to the system.

Step # 2. Create a description of your platform

After you have authorized your platform, you need to add a description to it that will be visible to advertisers while searching for potential executors. That is why we recommend to pay attention to the completeness and informative nature of this description. Indicate the theme category of your social network account, its audience, the nature of the published content and its specifics, if any.

Step # 3. Indicate the average price for services

The last but not least important step is to indicate the average cost and the prices for the various advertising formats on your ad platform. Opposite to each format you can find clues explaining what each of them means and contains.

We draw your attention to the fact that if you decide to offer unreasonably high price for advertising on your platform, then, most likely, this will scare off your potential customers and the flow of your ad offers will be low.

This article will help you to choose the best average price depending on the characteristics of your channel (добавить статью).

A piece of advice – if you are not yet a Top blogger or a star of Kim Kardashyan level (Hey, Kim!), then we recommend you to indicate the prices 10% lower than your fellow competitors of the same niche have. This will help you to attract the attention of advertisers and receive a valuable advertising task (and you can always bargain and raise its cost by 10% until it is directly taken into work).

That’s it! Save the result and … congratulations – now you are on the Epicstars base! Check your email and try not to delay with the responses to incoming offers – your competitors can be faster ?

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the marketplace via a telegram-bot:

  1. Find @ChannelAnalyticsBot
  2. Send the command “Connect the channel” to the bot.
  3. Send a repost from your channel to the bot (post with text, without pictures. It should be your own – ​​not a repost from another channel). The channel must not be private or a chat.
  4. The @ChannelAnalyticsBot bot should be added to the administrators of your channel so that it can deliver the code to you (you don’t have to give the rights to manage your  channel).
  5. Open the list of channels via the command: “My channels”
  6. Click on the button with the added channel.
  7. By clicking on the “Done” button – you confirm the right to own the channel to the bot.
  8. Open the list of channels via the command: “My channels”
  9. Click on the button with the added channel.
  10. Click on the button “Epic-code” and completely copy this code from the word EPIC to the last digit / letter.

It is recommended not to remove the bot from the channel administrators – it periodically collects and sends up-to-date information about the number of subscribers.

We don’t accept the following topics for advertising:

  • Fraud services ads;
  • Tobacco products ads;
  • Drugs ads;
  • Medicine ads;
  • Seminars, courses, training manuals ads;
  • Copies of original brands/ fake brands ads;
  • Financial pyramids ads;
  • Casino and gambling ads;
  • Religious topics and “magic” goods and services ads;

In case an advertiser register on the EPICSTARS platform to try to promote any of the mentioned above theme categories and replenish his balance using Y. Kassa, the administration will make a refund of money, but with a deduction of the commission for replenishment (other commissions and taxes also may occur)

A metrics, which shows how much the ad platform and its content are interesting to subscribers. When calculating it, the total number of subscribers or people, who watched particular content is compared with the number of online activities (likes, comments, reposts). Proportion allows you to determine how many people from the total mass of subscribers are actually involved in it.

The function “Favourite” bloggers is available in the “Advertiser” mode and allows you to add interesting bloggers to your favorite lists. The function will be useful for the stage of preparation for the advertising campaign, when it is necessary to create a preliminary list of bloggers who are suitable for your purposes without sending them the transaction request.

Some interesting facts about this function:

  1. You can add a blogger to the “favourite” by clicking on the star icon in the search for bloggers.
  2. You can go directly from this list to the search, where you can offer your task to the same bloggers.
  3. While you are in the search for bloggers, you can choose the list you need and switch between them directly from the filters.
  4. Favourite lists of bloggers are created for each social network separately.
  5. Your favourite bloggers can be added to the list directly from the search page.

This indicator calculates the average number of views on the YouTube channel based on the statistics of the last 5 videos, applying a smoothing median to them. This indicator can be used to predict the coverage of your future ad placements.

This indicator, located on the Youtube-platform card, appears as soon as you start limiting the audience you want through filters. It displays a figure by how many people from 100% will see your video via the selected platform among the audience you specified in the filters.

Our service is an ad marketplace among the social networks’ stars and celebrities. Now you don’t have to spend a huge amount of your personal time searching for bloggers or advertisers you need, toss and turn between the tabs of the browser, the windows of Skype, the Viber – we are happy to present you a single platform that combines all this and helps you quickly and efficiently to solve your marketing objectives.

Advertisers can offer tasks for placing advertisements in video clips, posts, photos of well-known bloggers and other popular people, and the executors (bloggers) can accept those offers and select other ad tasks, and fulfill them on the conditions that suit them (for money or barter transactions – whatever is more convenient).

At the moment you can take the advantages of working with the following websites:

  • YouTube;
  • Instagram;
  • Telegram;
  • Vkontakte;
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter.

You can find different topics: from childish subjects (toy review, educational channels) to the most adult (news, blogs, fashion, technics, humor, auto and much more).

EPICSTARS is authorized partner of the following social media networks: VKontakte, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram.

It means that our website and platform are verified by the specialists of mentioned social media that have approved our suitability as technological platform for sale or buying of advertising in social media networks. That’s why advertising platforms are added to EPICSTARS only through official social media API.

Above method implies:

  1. Impossibility of obtaining the login and password to the account/channel of advertising platform in social media;
  2. EPICSTARS does not require the rights for content publication from API without your permission and on your behalf.

Some users (especially who authorizes through the phone) can meet pop up login and password input window. In this case, please note that login and password are required by social media itself.  That may be verified by checking your browser address bar.

EPICSTARS does not receive, store and use your social media account login and password.


We have a constantly growing database of executors (bloggers) ready to work on your advertising proposal within the shortest time and with maximum efficiency.

The entire database of bloggers is connected to us through the official social network API, so we are able to see the real website statistics and know which ones are really effective.

In addition, we offer a full range of tools for searching, selecting, organizing, monitoring, collecting and reporting on statistics for each advertising placement, displayed in a single convenient interface for both the blogger and the advertiser.

Moreover, we work as an advertising agency and are ready to conduct the entire advertising campaign on a turn-key basis for you.

At the moment you can take the advantages of working with the following websites:

  • YouTube;
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • Facebook;
  • Vkontakte.

Of course! The opportunity to start a dialogue with any blogger or his representative becomes available immediately after the registration.

The only requirement is that channel (platform) subscriber number shall not be less than 1000 and it shall not contain the materials violating the law and conditions of social media network in which it is placed.

You can add unlimited number of the platforms to your account. As long as these platforms comply with the requirements of EPICSTARS to the platforms.

You can change the password in Settings => Security. To change the password, simply enter the new password that you would like to use.

When you register, you can choose one of the following roles, (which you can always change):

  1. advertiser (customer);
  2. blogger (executor);

However, if you want to not only post ads (as a blogger), but also get, for example, reviews of your videos from other bloggers – you can always switch to the role of an advertiser in the interface of the system and search for the executors you need. Just move the switch to the desired position and enjoy its benefits.

Минимальное количество подписчиков площадки должно быть не менее 1000. Помимо этого, площадка не должна нарушать действующее законодательство РФ, а также законодательства в области рекламы.

Anything that does not violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the ethical morality of society.

We do not accept the following theme categories for advertising:

  • Fraud services ads;
  • Tobacco products ads;
  • Drugs ads;
  • Medicine ads;
  • Seminars, courses, training manuals ads;
  • Copies of original brands/ fake brands ads;
  • Financial pyramids ads;
  • Casino ads;

In case an advertiser register on the EPICSTARS platform to try to promote any of the mentioned above theme categories and replenish his balance using Y. Kassa, the administration will make a refund of money, but with a deduction of the commission for replenishment (other commissions and taxes also may occur).

We tried to make the functionality of the website simple and understandable:

  1. Be ready to select your role in the service – Advertiser (Customer) or Blogger (Executor). If after registration you change your mind – you can always change it with a single click.
  2. Fill in your profile information. It may vary depending on the currently selected role in the system
  3. If you are an Advertiser – go to the search, find the appropriate blogger using the filters and start communicating with him. Or, you can publish a public offer, visible to many bloggers, that match the requirements you set (number of subscribers, other functions in the closed testing stage).

If you are a blogger, you need to add your ad platform to the system and a description for advertisers. Right after that your platform will appear in the search results and will be available for ad offers.

The prices for each specific ad are set directly by bloggers or their managers. That’s why you can always agree with them both on the cost of advertising, and on the terms of its placement. You can change them in any transaction in the status of “Request”.

Bloggers search is available to users in the role of “Advertiser”. In the search you can filter the list of bloggers by different parameters – the number of subscribers, theme categories, etc. In the brief description, the main parameters and statistics of the ad platform are indicated. Clicking on “more details”, you can find out more detailed information about the blogger’s platform and see their feed with posts and videos themselves right inside the service.

No, because we are not an MCN, you have to integrate all incoming advertising and ad requests directly into the content on your website.

And yes, don’t forget that, for example, YouTube requires you to tag the videos with the advertisement in the video settings. Otherwise, they sometimes threaten to disconnect your channel from the affiliate network.

Public price option allows the advertiser to check the advertising price rate on your channel. The link to this page is automatically generated and placed at account settings. This link is presented in the following format:!persons/7/.

In order to save the time for answering the typical questions from the advertisers, you should add this link on your channel description page or its bookmark.

For this purpose it is necessary to go to About tab and insert the link to channel description field or find Links tab at the bottom of the page and add your individual link to one of the fields by clicking the pen. Then you will receive separate bookmark that allows to find out the prices for advertising placement on your channel.