Rules of work

See a short list of rules that will help you to understand how EPICSTARS platform works.

Common (for all users):

  • EPICSTARS is a platform where bloggers find advertisers and vice versa.
  • By having started using the service, you completely agree with the user agreement.

For bloggers:

  • 1 video / post / publication = 1 advertisement, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the deal.
  • All ad placements are reserved for the entire life of the advertising platform, unless otherwise specified in the terms of the deal.
  • To start work, the blogger should add his platform (s) to the system, where he wants to sell ads.
  • The website administration has the right to block the website of the blogger if the statistics is “cheated”.
  • The blogger is obliged to reply to the chat of the transaction, which he accepted, within 3 days and to inform the advertiser about the terms and conditions of its execution.
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