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Today in order to keep the target audience, modern tools (like various types of online and offline advertising) are being used more and more. This may include native ads on the channels of video bloggers with a large number of viewers and subscribers. In this article we will discuss the method of interaction with video bloggers via special ad exchanges.

As usual, we arranged the article as a table of contents for your convenience:

  1. Introduction
  2. Youtube advertising  and its benefits
  3. Types of Youtube ad exchanges and their features
  4. Conclusion


The demand for online advertising grows from year to year, meaning that many existing and emerging brands, products or services need to be presented to a large audience and use web advertising. So, once the demand for such services is growing, it allows this market and industry to develop more dynamically and meet the demand of advertisers for tools that help in the search, selection and management of Youtube advertising.

That’s why the main task of Youtube ad exchange is to team up advertisers and top bloggers who can correctly and effectively present your product to their viewers and target audience. Such ad exchange greatly facilitates the search for a relevant ad platform. But let’s start in order and first figure out the general concepts.

Youtube advertising and its benefits

Using the new opportunities offered by the world’s largest video hosting, you can increase the reach of your target audience and also collect “live” feedback about your product or service. There you will find channels and platforms of bloggers of any size: from real stars, known in the network for their ironic, cognitive, philosophical or analytical videos, to not so famous authors who sometimes talk about incomprehensible things.

The standard procedure for finding an ad platform is a very simple one: the advertiser enters the keyword he wants into the search engine , and by the results of its appearance forms a list with the names and links to the video channels. In the future, such list will help to determine the future partner who will best cope with the advertising task set for him.

In this case, the advertiser will be able to:

  • See the number of videos on the blogger’s channel.
  • See the number of views of each video on the channel.
  • Fulfill the forecast of audience coverage, focusing on the popularity of the channel in the network.

It seems that it seems to be enough? But not everything is so great. The main disadvantages of direct work via Youtube itself  (link to the page of the service on Wikipedia) are the following:

  1. Inconvenient interface. You will not be able to search, select and filter video bloggers by topic, number of subscribers. This greatly complicates the potential platforms’ list formation.
  2. Absence of a guarantor. Bloggers, in most cases, take 100% prepayment after receiving which they can … disappear (due to age and low responsibility).
  3. Lack of advanced tools. Communication via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Vkontakte, payment via Webmoney and plastic cards, no marketing reporting and closing documents – all of this is faced by advertisers who decided to work with bloggers directly and are literally torn between many tabs and applications.
  4. Not to mention the main thing – lack of analytics and metrics tools, according to which any marketer evaluates the effectiveness of any advertising placements.

As you can see, the arguments are very serious, considering the fact that an advertiser pays for any mistake (including blogger’s fault). That’s why in order to make the process of working with video bloggers more effective various ad exchanges platforms are created to help to automate the mechanism of interaction and ad placement.

Types of Youtube ad exchanges and their features

Youtube ad exchanges are websites, where advertisers (who want to advertise in this network) and bloggers (looking for additional earnings on Youtube) can contact each other. This format expands the available advertising opportunities and provides more flexible tools for developing and managing it. Let’s highlight the most interesting of them:

  • Search automation  and channels selection through built-in filters and sorting tools.
  • Search automation and advertising when an advertiser creates a task and makes it available to all bloggers who can respond to it.
  • Platform acts like a guarantor – the money for ad placement is “frozen” on the account of the system and only after the advertiser accepts the work the blogger recieves it.

The most famous ad exchanges such as , for example, Famebit, Izea, Epicstars, offer these and other tools, as well as a more transparent and advantageous cost performance ratio and the ability to use different kinds of visual advertising. All transactions on the official ad exchanges are protected, and payment is made after the work result is delivered.

You can evaluate the number of offers from bloggers, the popularity of their channels and the availability of the target audience with the help of statistics that is automatically being gathered by the platform.

Registration on such ad exchanges allows:

  • Pick up the right blogger with the desired target audience.
  • Formulate a thoughtful task for him using the hints of the system.
  • Place prerolles of 10-15 seconds to deliver brief and capacious information about your product. Advantages of this method are that the product is advertised by the blog owner, who enjoys the confidence and popularity of his audience.
  • You can also use a full-fledged branded video format in which the blogger skillfully demonstrates all the benefits of the product. Youtube ad exchange allows advertisers to communicate with bloggers directly to discuss all the necessary details.
  • Place a link to the web page (of your online store, for instance) in the description of the video.
  • Do it all in one browser tab.


In conclusion, it’s worth emphasizing that ad placements via YouTube ad exchange is the most effective way of interacting with bloggers: the selection process is much faster, and due to the automated statistics collection of the platform, the channel selection will be more qualitative, which will raise the effectiveness of ad placements.

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