The function “Favourite” bloggers is available in the “Advertiser” mode and allows you to add interesting bloggers to your favorite lists. The function will be useful for the stage of preparation for the advertising campaign, when it is necessary to create a preliminary list of bloggers who are suitable for your purposes without sending them the transaction request.

Some interesting facts about this function:

  1. You can add a blogger to the “favourite” by clicking on the star icon in the search for bloggers.
  2. You can go directly from this list to the search, where you can offer your task to the same bloggers.
  3. While you are in the search for bloggers, you can choose the list you need and switch between them directly from the filters.
  4. Favourite lists of bloggers are created for each social network separately.
  5. Your favourite bloggers can be added to the list directly from the search page.

This indicator calculates the average number of views on the YouTube channel based on the statistics of the last 5 videos, applying a smoothing median to them. This indicator can be used to predict the coverage of your future ad placements.

This indicator, located on the Youtube-platform card, appears as soon as you start limiting the audience you want through filters. It displays a figure by how many people from 100% will see your video via the selected platform among the audience you specified in the filters.

Bloggers search is available to users in the role of “Advertiser”. In the search you can filter the list of bloggers by different parameters – the number of subscribers, theme categories, etc. In the brief description, the main parameters and statistics of the ad platform are indicated. Clicking on “more details”, you can find out more detailed information about the blogger’s platform and see their feed with posts and videos themselves right inside the service.