You can add unlimited number of the platforms to your account. As long as these platforms comply with the requirements of EPICSTARS to the platforms.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect to the marketplace via a telegram-bot:
  1. Find @ChannelAnalyticsBot
  2. Send the command "Connect the channel" to the bot.
  3. Send a repost from your channel to the bot (post with text, without pictures. It should be your own - ​​not a repost from another channel). The channel must not be private or a chat.
  4. The @ChannelAnalyticsBot bot should be added to the administrators of your channel so that it can deliver the code to you (you don’t have to give the rights to manage your  channel).
  5. Open the list of channels via the command: "My channels"
  6. Click on the button with the added channel.
  7. By clicking on the "Done" button - you confirm the right to own the channel to the bot.
  8. Open the list of channels via the command: "My channels"
  9. Click on the button with the added channel.
  10. Click on the button "Epic-code" and completely copy this code from the word EPIC to the last digit / letter.
It is recommended not to remove the bot from the channel administrators - it periodically collects and sends up-to-date information about the number of subscribers.
A metrics, which shows how much the ad platform and its content are interesting to subscribers. When calculating it, the total number of subscribers or people, who watched particular content is compared with the number of online activities (likes, comments, reposts). Proportion allows you to determine how many people from the total mass of subscribers are actually involved in it.
At the moment you can take the advantages of working with the following websites:
  • YouTube;
  • Instagram;
  • Telegram;
  • Vkontakte;
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter.
You can find different topics: from childish subjects (toy review, educational channels) to the most adult (news, blogs, fashion, technics, humor, auto and much more).
EPICSTARS is authorized partner of the following social media networks: VKontakte, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram. It means that our website and platform are verified by the specialists of mentioned social media that have approved our suitability as technological platform for sale or buying of advertising in social media networks. That’s why advertising platforms are added to EPICSTARS only through official social media API. Above method implies:
  1. Impossibility of obtaining the login and password to the account/channel of advertising platform in social media;
  2. EPICSTARS does not require the rights for content publication from API without your permission and on your behalf.
Some users (especially who authorizes through the phone) can meet pop up login and password input window. In this case, please note that login and password are required by social media itself.  That may be verified by checking your browser address bar. EPICSTARS does not receive, store and use your social media account login and password.  
The only requirement is that channel (platform) subscriber number shall not be less than 1000 and it shall not contain the materials violating the law and conditions of social media network in which it is placed.
Public price option allows the advertiser to check the advertising price rate on your channel. The link to this page is automatically generated and placed at account settings. This link is presented in the following format:!persons/7/. In order to save the time for answering the typical questions from the advertisers, you should add this link on your channel description page or its bookmark. For this purpose it is necessary to go to About tab and insert the link to channel description field or find Links tab at the bottom of the page and add your individual link to one of the fields by clicking the pen. Then you will receive separate bookmark that allows to find out the prices for advertising placement on your channel.