Top 16 profitable niches on YouTube

Videobloging is a sphere where you can express yourself, find fans, who admire you and earn good money. YouTube provides all the necessary tools for this, and most importantly – it gives you a huge audience that is in constant search for something new, interesting and useful.

Earnings on YouTube directly depends on the popularity of the channel. The more you are looked at, the more you get. Therefore, the most profitable genres are those that cover the widest possible audience.

In this list of 16 most profitable niches on YouTube, we will list the most popular topics that are of interest to a large number of people and, accordingly, are well monetized.

1. Entertainment

This, perhaps, is the theme category with the largest audience. The growth potential is huge. There are many entertainment channels, but the opportunity to create something new and to become popular here is always great.

Funny life stories, funny videos with animals, “epic fail” and prank videos – all this is gaining a huge number of views. Another thing is that it’s not so simple to regularly update your channel, adding such content. Unless, of course, you are not the owner of a funny pet, who regularly gives out some hilarious tricks. You can make cuts from other people’s videos, but the competition in this case is huge.

Compilation of funny scraps can be broadcasted around the world: it’s enough to translate the title into English, and viewers from other countries will find you.

YouTube also makes it possible to become famous and earn money for those who produce entertaining content according to their own scenario. Therefore, humorous shows, sketches, pranks, etc. are popular here. You can play absolutely any situation and experiment with formats.

Don’t forget that entertainment is not only humor. Collections of interesting and popular facts, top ratings, for example, also relate to entertainment content. And there are limitless ideas for such ratings.

Creative films, cartoons, personal stories and many other things may also be an entertainment. Entertaining subjects can be combined with educational, then this will give an additional influx of the audience.

The “Meet Arnold” channel answers various questions from the series “What if …?”

2. News

The news on YouTube is mostly broadcasted by official sources, but their discussion is available to ordinary YouTubers. Many have even built entire channels on this.

There are a lot of “info-motives” for discussion. The main thing is to monitor and react to them before competitors. The latest developments in the blogosphere and the life of the celebrities are actively discussed on Youtube.

On the Steven Crowder’s channel you can find many reviews on people and events from politics and show business. Description of his channel looks like this: “Pop culture and politics from the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web. Hippies and Muslims hate me!” I don’t know who hates him, but he manages to keep an almost 2M audience for a fact!

Steven Crowder discusses pop culture and politics news

3. Reviews of TV programs, films, serials, clips, albums, etc.

Everything that is created by TV showmen, film producers and musicians, is constantly criticized. And this is not just the gain of YouTube channel. It’s always interesting to know the opinion of another person about a certain film or some band’s album. Especially if he really knows the topic.

Because if the criticism is not justified, most of the audience will understand this immediately. The form of reviews can be very different: from simple chatter to a mini-movie with your own script. As, for example, one of the most successful bloggers of the entertainment genre – NigaHiga. He is not only participates in different challenges and pranks, creates his own hilarious stuff but also sort of say reviews different songs/movies especially by creating his own funny parodies on them or doing fake movie trailers.

NigaHiga (who has a giant army of followers – 20M) doing parodies.

There are also more simple formats of reviews, limited only to text, which, however, are also popular.

Criticism of TV shows and their stories is a whole new topic. Our television often becomes the object of laughter and some video bloggers use it skilfully, attracting the attention of the like-minded audience.

4. Work and business

Work is another topic that is important for everyone. Youtube in this regard is particularly valuable because you can learn here about personal work experience in different places.

Real and honest feedbacks about employers are popular among a wide range of people

In addition, specialists in different spheres can share their experience here and get subscribers and views. This will be a more specialized niche, but there is an opportunity to show off as a professional and attract clients. In some cases, this method of channel monetization can be much more profitable than advertising from affiliates and Adsense.

If you do business and you’re familiar not just with the top of the iceberg, but can see the whole thing within, your experience can also be valuable to the Youtube audience, as many come here for the ideas and useful experience of other entrepreneurs. Topics for such could be different – motivation, time management, personal effectiveness, etc.

Another popular direction is earning money online. All the possibilities have been repeated a hundred times by different bloggers, but new ones are constantly appearing. For example, the crypto currency, which recently is very popular not only by businessmen, but also by ordinary mortals.

5. Finance

The crisis affected almost everyone. Therefore, talking about money, loans, investments and savings has become one of the most popular topics on YouTube.

Did you manage to save up for an apartment in five years? Share your experience with others. Good in lending opportunities – tell YouTube users what to look for when applying for a loan to various organizations.

The questions of economy may even be a part of a separate category. Savings on products, housing, cars, various goods and so on.

The topic of extreme economy is very popular on YouTube

6. Games

Extensive theme category with a huge audience and no less huge competition. It’s hard to find games that no one has ever played. It can be quite difficult to bring something new into this sphere.

Even if you are going to review new games, be prepared for the fact that simultaneously with you this will be done by hundreds of other YouTubers, including the most famous ones.

The original approach to the usual games videos is something that will make it possible to stand out. Some decide to narrow the topic and concentrate on certain types of games. For example, the channel “Biffa Plays Indie Games” specializes in indie games. Also the blogger has two other channels, where he plays in strategy-games and “Minecraft”. This specialization allows you to make the video more detailed, and this distinguishes the channel from the rest and attracts fans of specific games.

Example of a highly specialized videoblog on the gaming theme

7. Fitness and healthy food

Everyone wants to look good. Therefore, YouTube has become a heaven for various fitness trainers and nutritionists. Over time, attracted lovers, ready to share personal experiences of losing weight.

The niche, of course, is crammed, and it’s quite difficult to come up with something new. If you have a unique experience of independent weight loss, for example, at 50 kilograms, then you have all the chances to win the public interest.

A large number of views are gaining training programs. Such materials have been popular since the time of video cassettes: you include a video and work together with others. This can be some cardio training (aerobics, dancing, etc.), and exercises for working out on certain types of muscles. One of the most popular – trainings at home without additional equipment.

Video blogs with home trainings are a free alternative to the gym. Therefore, they have such a large audience.

8. Recipes

Another very full niche. Recipes are actively being shared both by amateurs and professional chefs. But you can get through here, for example, if you have your own ideas for new recipes or you know unusual ways of using familiar products.

Recently, there are many food trends especially among healthy foods which become more and more popular. There can be many ordinary cook-chiefs, but are there a lot of famous raw-vegan ones? FullyRaw Kristina started sharing only raw-vegan (not cooked) food recipes. Have you ever tried fully raw sandwiches, ice cream, cakes, soups? I guess people enjoy it as she managed to gain almost 1M! So following the trends and creating something new can be good idea.

FullyRawKristina and her yummy raw-vegan recipes

9. Education

Educational topics on YouTube are not only the lessons from professional teachers of universities and schools. A large number of users come to YouTube in order to find detailed instructions on how to do something (how to delete your Facebook account, how to cut dog’s hair, how to write an essay, etc.). Hence – a huge number of new ideas for video and this is an almost inexhaustible niche.

It’s easier to shoot such videos in a certain sense, because you don’t have to show your face if it brings you discomfort. However, viewers tend to make strict requirements to educational videos, so if it’s hard for you to talk coherently, you have to practice a bit or record your voice separately.

In the same niche there is a huge information layer – the study of languages. For this, the video format is just perfect.

One of the advantages of educational videos is that in some theme categories you can create videos without a camera. For example, if you have an educational program, it’s enough to use the video capture software, webcam recorder or to prepare a presentation in advance.

Learning on YouTube can be quite standard, to which we are accustomed: with a teacher and a board

If you don’t have knowledge yourself, you can ask the help of professionals. The main thing is to organize everything correctly. You can open your own online school and invite experts there, or you can simply interview them through video communication.

Education-related topics are endless. There is always something new and incomprehensible. People are constantly learning something, so the demand for this is always there.

10. Traveling

Programs for travelers have always been popular on television. With the appearance of YouTube, travel has become even more accessible.

It’s definitely impossible to say that all the places in the world have been explored and investigated to the end. You can always find something interesting and fascinating in the world and shoot a video about this.

Especially valuable can be the information from people who have moved to another country. They talk about their life, the features of the new culture and the difficulties they face. So, future immigrants will be able to find out what they should expect when they decide to leave their native country.

Jinti Fell share experiences about their moving to Bali, Indonesia with potential immigrants

This also includes the perception of a certain local culture by foreigners: many vloggers shoot the reactions of foreigners to some local music, food, movies, etc. Such videos often fall into trends and gain a lot of views, so their number is constantly growing. Apparently, it’s very important for us to know what people think of us abroad.

A lot of foreigners’ reactions to bollywood songs (or in this case the National Anthem) can be found on YouTube

Those who travel a lot can compare life in different countries or cities and identify the main advantages and disadvantages of each of the places. There are also a lot of videos of this type – demand generates a proposal. Especially when it comes to personal experience: “Why do I hate Korea”, “How did I move to China,” “Why did I settle in the village,” and so on.

11. Product Reviews

People who decide to make some purchase, look for reviews online. On the websites of the companies reviews are usually not so trustworthy. Much more confidence in video bloggers. If the person is also well educated about the product, the credibility of his opinion rises even more.

Therefore, it is advisable to devote your time to reviewing one type of product. If, for example, you understand computers – computer equipment and accessories would be a good idea.

Although you can review a wider range of products, as the Aliexpress reviewers do. Though, some of them neglect the trust of users and review something they have never seen. Therefore, bloggers, unpacking products “live”, managed to gain more confidence and quickly found their audience.

Unpacking parcels from Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress etc. is one of the popular things among reviews (especially if it has the element of mystery as here)

Product reviews provide additional opportunities for monetization through affiliate programs. The main thing is to remain honest and let the audience decide for themselves whether it is worth buying this or that product. Praising something that you yourself would not use is a terrible idea. It can work for some time, but after while you risk losing your subscribers.

12. Psychology

In this section, you can include not only videos from professional psychologists, but also random thoughts/ideas on the topic from ordinary people. It can be advice on relationships, parenting, communication with people and much more.

The most popular are, as a rule, videos about relationships with virus headings like “10 ways to please a girl”, “5 signs that a guy is crazy about you,” etc.

Everyone wants to like the opposite gender: hence there are millions of views for similar videos.

13. Handmade

In fact, this can also be attributed to the educational theme, but the handmade niche is so broad that it is definitely worth to distinguish it separately.

First of all, it’s important to understand that handmade is not just for women. Wandering on YouTube, you can stumble on commercials dedicated to making furniture, soldering, creating different mechanisms and even weapons. There are so many Ideas for handmade as well as materials for it, so this niche is almost inexhaustible.

14. Music

You cannot upload other people’s music on YouTube, if you were not given the rights to do so. But to record covers for existing songs no one forbids – on the contrary, YouTube users like to listen to familiar songs in a new sound.

It’s not necessary to record a song from scratch. Some musicians (for example, guitarists or drummers) take ready tracks and play on top of them. In general, for musicians YouTube – the ideal platform for promotion. You just need to seriously tune in and imagine that you are speaking for a million audience.

COOP3RDRUMM3R – perhaps the most famous drummer on YouTube with a million audience

15. Construction / repair

Another topic that affects pretty much everyone. If someone did not build a house, he most likely at least repaired it. If not maybe it will be done in the future. But not everyone is good at building materials, tools and technologies.

A popular trend here is budget repairs, savings on construction materials, ideas for interior design of standard apartments.

16. Beauty and Fashion

Beauty bloggers, stylists and just ordinary girls, who love make-up found their place on YouTube. In general, the female audience is highly active, which to some extent determined the popularity of this topic. Although you can attract men here: tips for choosing clothes or hairstyles can be useful to representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Channel for men Teachingmensfashion gives tips for men, including fashion tips

How to find your place on YouTube

The advice is very commonplace: choose what you are interested in yourself. You don’t have to be an expert, but you need to have a desire to immerse yourself in the topic and find the information you need. If one of the listed niches has got into the circle of your interests – excellent. But many people make the mistake and pursue trends in the hope of getting more views, while not having an interest in the topic.

The interest in video blogging can not be underestimated. It’s not that hard to get a lot of views and subscribers. It’s really difficult to maintain the interest of the public. And if you quickly lose interest, you can not regularly create content on the selected topic. The key to a successful career in Youtube is persistence. You can get thousands of subscribers on some kind of hype, and then lose them in a few months, failing to regularly upload the content that they need.

One of the fears of newcomers is the mismatch of one’s own interests with the interests of the public. A good solution may be a preliminary study of Google’s search queries using various services for collecting statistics. By doing it you will be able to identify the main topics that people are interested in, and estimate the reach of the potential audience.

Practically in any niche you can find something that could be of interest to a wide range of people. Even if the topic is narrow, you can periodically dilute the channel with less specific videos, thereby widening the boundaries of the channel’s audience.

For example, you learn Chinese. The size of your audience is relatively small. But you can increase the coverage, periodically laying out videos highlighting broader topics: the features of Chinese culture, interesting places in China, Chinese cuisine – all this will attract the attention of travelers and simply curious people. The main thing is an interesting delivery of information.

Don’t forget that YouTube is a great place to experiment. Here you can test your boldest ideas. In all the monotony that prevails today on video hosting, it is quite possible to stand out and get off to the top with original and non-standard content. So do not pursue popularity, but come to work primarily creatively.

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Earnings on YouTube directly depends on the popularity of the channel. The more you are looked at, the more you get. Therefore, the most profitable genres are those that cover the widest possible audience. In this list of 16 most profitable niches on YouTube, we will list the most popular topics that are of interest…