The prices for each specific ad are set directly by bloggers or their managers. That’s why you can always agree with them both on the cost of advertising, and on the terms of its placement. You can change them in any transaction in the status of “Request”.

Our service is an ad marketplace among the social networks’ stars and celebrities. Now you don’t have to spend a huge amount of your personal time searching for bloggers or advertisers you need, toss and turn between the tabs of the browser, the windows of Skype, the Viber - we are happy to present you a single platform that combines all this and helps you quickly and efficiently to solve your marketing objectives. Advertisers can offer tasks for placing advertisements in video clips, posts, photos of well-known bloggers and other popular people, and the executors (bloggers) can accept those offers and select other ad tasks, and fulfill them on the conditions that suit them (for money or barter transactions - whatever is more convenient).
At the moment you can take the advantages of working with the following websites:
  • YouTube;
  • Instagram;
  • Telegram;
  • Vkontakte;
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter.