Advertising with Youtube-bloggers and its stereotypes

In this article, we list and destroy the main myths and stereotypes about the “non-working” advertising through youtube-bloggers. And yes, while you are reading this article, your competitors have already placed their commercials on Youtube

Advertising with YouTube bloggers is one of the most effective methods of online promotion. It provides an opportunity to quickly make your brand recognizable, sell products or increase traffic to the website. Through the services of our website, you can order the promotion of your own business by placing video ads on the channels of various bloggers on YouTube at a reasonable price.

Doubts are an inalienable companion of any thoughtful person, especially a marketer. So it was with advertising in groups on Facebook, so it was with CPA-marketing and so it will be with any new format of advertising, which is not yet mastered by the masses. We will try to fix this situation and tell you about things which can be useful for advertising via YouTube bloggers.

Why choosing YouTube blogs for advertising is a good idea?

YouTube is the most famous video hosting in the world. It has more than 1 billion users, and on more than half of the million visitors daily. Sometimes, videos of famous bloggers get millions of views, giving to those who take or mount them good earnings on advertising. Also, many of them shoot special clips that are inserted before or after their performances, as a result of which those become not less popular than the blogger himself. Today, this method of promotion on YouTube is considered the most effective and is able to spin online business in just one day.

What are the advantages of working with Youtube?

Youtube is specific with its video advertising format, with which most advertisers have not yet worked. But with a similar format, without knowing it, you 100% interacted offline: TRUST Bank and Bruce Willis, Britney Spears and PEPSI, etc. All of this is “influencer marketing”, when a loyal audience is formed around a particular person, to which he is broadcasting a certain advertising message.
Without going into details, in addition to direct leads and branding, advertising via youtube bloggers, can bring organic traffic to you. People will be able to find videos with your ads in both YouTube search and Google search (the latter often displays video on high-frequency requests in the TOP) .
Also don’t forget about communication with your target audience, feedback from which you can get through video clips – great for projects that just enter the market and they have not yet established feedback with the target audience. If all of this is included in the cost of advertising – it will be extremely cheap.

I thought there were no leads on Youtube…

Extremely popular misconception, which is gaining momentum due to lack of experience and knowledge of working with Youtube. Here’s a specific example:

For the 1st month the video with the advertisement of the game Tankii X scored more than 400,000 views, gave 4,500 clicks to the website and 146 “effective registration” of players. Advertising was bought for around $16 and the video still continues to gain views and bring the advertiser money. And yes, according to our statistics, this is not the best result.

The same with other niches and other products, under which there will always be a channel on Youtube with the target audience. Youtube is the same advertising channel as the context, targeted advertising, etc. … There are its own features, rules, aspects, metrics, etc. It’s good to understand all of this, if you want to generate sales with the help of Youtube. Our platform provides access to the necessary metrics, filters, materials, statistics and information on the pricing of this area of marketing.

Many YouTube bloggers are inadequate and want a prepay

To avoid this by 100% – use specialized platforms that act as guarantors of transactions and will allow you to systematize and automate your work with bloggers.

How much does advertising via bloggers on YouTube cost?

The cost of advertising is different. It can vary from several dollars to several hundred dollars. The price depends on the popularity of the blogger, and, consequently, on the number of views that his videos receive. And this pricing is not meaningless, because after viewing advertising from a celebrity at the most famous video hosting in the world, you can attract at least thousands of representatives of your target audience, making your business profitable in just one day.

“The average cost of the market” – $1,5 per 1000 views. The price itself varies slightly depending on several things:

1. Channel topics. The more “mature” subjects, the higher the age of viewers, the higher the cost of advertising in it.
2. Format of advertising. Pre-roll ads (short, up to 30 seconds mention of the advertised object in the video) are cheaper than a full-fledged video with advertising only of your product or service.
We give tools to select an audience and to predict the number of times your ads are viewed.

It’s unclear how to order bloggers’ advertising, what formats are needed for what

There are two key formats for direct advertising via YouTube bloggers:
1. Pre-roll ads. Short, up to 30 seconds mention of the advertised object in the video. The most common format of advertising.
2.Full-fledged clips. The whole video is devoted to the advertised object.
3. Product placement. A hidden or implicit mention of the advertised object in the video.

There is only a place for large brands on YouTube. Small and medium-sized businesses have nothing to do here

This is the deepest delusion that the market itself refuses. At the moment, more than 100 active advertisers from medium and small businesses come to Youtube weekly. And a large part of them very successfully place their advertising.

How to act for niche products? There are no channels with my target audience

If you didn’t find a channel with your TA (which happens for too niche products / services), then nothing prevents you from creating your corporate channel and promoting it as a platform that gives an additional point of contact with your target audience. Thus, you create your own channel with your target audience.

Too expensive advertising. It’s impossible to test advertising with a small budget

There is a huge number of beautiful small channels with adequate prices and the target audience that you need, which are hard to find by “hands” on Youtube itself. Our platform offers a functional that will help you with this.

Advantages of advertising on YouTube

The main advantages of advertising via Youtube bloggers are:
1. Guaranteed display of advertising to each user who will view the video blog.
2. Inability of the user to refuse to view your video.
3. Attraction of large number of interested audiences to your channel, product or website.
Even if the user doesn’t view the video to the end, he will still remember your brand.

Where can I order ads from bloggers on YouTube?

With the help of our services, you can order advertising via YouTube bloggers at a reasonable price .Moreover, among our employees there are only professionals in the field of media marketing who have been working for a long time to provide services for the proper placement of advertising on the Internet.

In addition, we cooperate only with trusted bloggers and conduct all transactions through the advertising exchange on Youtube, that’s why using our services, you can be sure that your advertisement will be seen by real users potentially interested in the proposed product.


In conclusion

In conclusion, we would like to say one simple thing. The format of advertising via Youtube-bloggers practically doesn’t differ from the classical formats of CPM-advertising. All you need to effectively place your content on different channels is an understanding of the simplest basics that boil down to estimating the efficiency of placement on a particular channel, based on their average number of views per video.

Still have doubts?
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions and help in developing an advertising campaign via online chat. All you need is an average portrait of your target audience (useful article on how to compile it) and advertising goals, based on which you will develop a task that you can offer the bloggers through our exchange platform.

Are you ready? Then sign up on EPICSTARS and chat with a free manager ?

21 August 2018
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