Important metrics for any Youtube channel

In this article, we’ll have a look at the most important and basic online metrics that you need to consider when you are managing an account on social networks

Hello there! Online media market is developing with an unimaginable speed, so any blogger needs to know what makes his communication with his audience the most effective. Yes, you probably know what your subscribers like and keep in touch with them in the comments. But is this enough? Western bloggers have long used in their work not only feedback, but also the most real figures, metrics and online metrics that express the attitude of the channel audience to the content published by its authors.

Let’s move from simple to complex and focus on what happens after you’ve posted your video online. The following metrics will help you evaluate your channel from all directions and, more importantly, provide an opportunity to detect weaknesses and correct them on time.

Basic indicators of channel efficiency:

  • Broad GEO TA
  • Age of audience
  • Number of views and subscribers
  • Average number of views per 1 video
  • Engagement rate (ER)
  • Channel development speed
  • Audience retention
  • Discussion Rating
  • Distribution Rating
  • Approval rating

Broad GEO of  your Target Audience (TA)

The simplest indicator showing the ratio of the geographical location of your audience. Wide coverage will attract the maximum number of advertisers from different areas of business. Worth mentioning that almost all major brands are aimed at a wide audience coverage. A good advantage would be the prevailing percentage of the audience from the capitals of large countries.

Age of audience

At this parameter, absolutely any advertiser who has a clear portrait of his consumer pays attention. Logically, the higher the age of the audience of your channel, the higher its solvency. The most popular audience is from 18 to 55 years old.

Number of views and subscribers

Easy and simple. The number of views and subscribers of your channel directly affects the audience’s coverage and advertising costs. The more views, the higher the price of advertising. And almost everyone understands that it’s important to make the number of subscribers and views continuously grow.

Average number of views per 1 video

Yes, you can calculate the average number of views of one video on the channel, thereby assessing its quality and potential, as well as predict the average coverage of the next posted video. More details about the calculation of this metric we wrote in a separate article.

Audience Engagement (ER)

A little more complicated. ER (Engagement Rate) is an indicator of the level of audience involvement in your content or channel. It’s measured as a percentage ratio of actions to coverage. This indicator is important for both the blogger and the advertiser.

Engagment Rate = (number of likes / dislikes + comments + sharing videos) / number of video views.

Channel development speed

The increase in views and subscribers of your channel for the month and for the year. A good indicator is 10-15% of the total number of subscribers per month for small channels. And 1-3% increase for channels from 1 million subscribers. The rate of growth of views depends on the type of channel.

Audience retention

If you pay a proper attention to this parameter, you will definitely get an excellent result in building up your subscriber base. It’s extremely important that the number of unsubscribed subscribers never exceed the number of subscribed ones. It’s also necessary to have at least double superiority of likes over dislikes.

Discussion Rating

Important parameter for assessing the audience of your channel and how much your content is interesting and provocative in terms of discussions by subscribers.

Discussion rating = number of comments or answers / number of posts

Distribution Rating

It’s very important to give the audience exactly the content that it wants. That’s why we need to pay a lot of attention to the distribution rating. This setting will help you understand which content is most interesting to your audience.

Distribution rating = number of hits per share button / number of views

Approval rating

Another useful and at the same time an easy way to find out what the audience needs is the approval rating. It’s calculated by the following formula:

Approval rating = number of hits per click / number of views

25 August 2018
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